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Automation Centre a “Silver Developer” in the Intuit® Developer Network

Integration of Enterprise Workflow Software with One of the World’s Most Trusted Accounting System Promises SMBs the Ability to Run Their Business In a Browser.

(MARCH 2010) The Cloud, that intangible gathering of Web based services that promises organizations simple, low-cost and highly scalable solutions, has just gotten a little bigger, and a lot more powerful.

Automation Centre, the developer of TrackerSuite.Net, has been joined the Intuit Developer Network as a “Silver Developer” with the latest version of its TrackerSuite.Net software, which can integrate with QuickBooks® Online Edition, a Web based accounting system developed by Intuit.

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TrackerSuite.Net is a comprehensive suite of integrated, Web based applications for Projects, Support Services, CRM, Time and Billing, Purchasing, Invoicing and HR. It provides organizations with all the tools they need to manage their operations efficiently and effectively. Paired with QuickBooks Online Edition, organizations utilizing TrackerSuite.Net can manage their entire enterprise, operations and financial management with solutions that don’t burden them with potential IT issues like network connectivity, backups, application lifecycles and defining IT SLAs. Solutions that scale effortlessly with the organization and its needs, that can all be accessed through a single interface- a browser.

“This is another step in our initiative to bring enterprise workflow software to the small and medium sized business,” said Steven Birchfield of Automation Centre. “We’re excited to be part of the Intuit Developer Network, and we’re very pleased with the strategic capabilities that TrackerSuite.Net offers with its integration with QuickBooks Online Edition.”

Organizations will enjoy the ability to configure their business system for multiple QuickBooks Online Edition accounts, such as those utilized by international offices or divisions that they wish to separate for accounting purposes.

The opportunities offered by the integration of TrackerSuite.Net and QuickBooks Online Edition include:

  • Workflow functions in TrackerSuite.Net, including “Auto-Nag” emails (automated reminders for missing time sheets, status reports and tickets), automated approval routing and activity logs, streamline and secure purchasing, time and expense reporting processes.
  • The integration provides organizations a complete job costing solution.  With the click of a mouse, approved and processed vendor payments and expense reports in TrackerSuite.Net can be posted to QuickBooks Online Edition, saving time and reducing potential human error by eliminating the need to re-key data.
  • For organizations with international offices or a global workforce, TrackerSuite.Net supports multiple currencies.
  • Simplified professional services invoice preparation and review in TrackerSuite.Net, with one-click export to QuickBooks Online Edition.
  • Effortless import/export of accounting data and codes between TrackerSuite.Net and QuickBooks Online Edition.

Interested parties may register for immediate access to a demonstration site that hosts all of the TrackerSuite.Net applications.  Automation Centre also offers trial programs where organizations can review TrackerSuite.Net for their business needs with private evaluation sites. If the organization has an existing QuickBooks Online Edition account, they may use it in the trial. Automation Centre offers several hosting plans for TrackerSuite.Net, although customers also have the option of hosting TrackerSuite.Net with their own infrastructure.

About Automation Centre

Automation Centre is a leading provider of advanced Project and IT Operations management solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes. Automation Centre’s primary products, TrackerSuite.Net (www.TrackerSuite.Net - for the Web) and Tracker Suite ( - for Lotus Notes/Domino products), provide exceptional simplicity and ease-of-use. The company is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

Intuit and QuickBooks Online Edition are trademarks and service marks of Intuit Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.

Export invoices to QuickBooks with a mouseclick

Invoices prepared in TrackerSuite.Net can be exported to QuickBooks Online with the click of a button

Export invoices to QuickBooks with a mouseclick