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TrackerSuite.Net Announces Upcoming QuickBooks Cloud Integration

TrackerSuite.Net, a Web based application suite of modules for Project Management, IT Services, Time and Billing, Purchasing, Invoicing, Asset Management and HR, will soon offer out-of-the-box integration with QuickBooks.

TUCSON, AZ (November 23, 2009) Automation Centre, a leading provider of advanced team collaboration software, is pleased to announce a key development in its ongoing cloud strategy. TrackerSuite.Net, its Web based enterprise application suite, will soon offer out-of-the-box integration with QuickBooks, one of the most popular and trusted accounting software solutions in the world.

Businesses are increasingly gravitating towards cloud based services, observed Steven Birchfield, CEO of Automation Centre. "The ability of the cloud to reduce both the costs and complexity of information systems is compelling," he says.

"In the future every IT investment decision should not only evaluate cloud computing point solutions such as Gmail as an email and calendaring solution, as a contact management system and TrackerSuite.Net as a Web based Project Management system but should also evaluate the use of multiple cloud vendors to create complete business systems that not only obsolete internal applications but integrate together to form a collaborative and agile supply chain. The approach of moving every possible application to the cloud allows companies to focus on their core business instead of being bogged down with IT issues like network connectivity, backups, application lifecycles and defining IT SLAs."

TrackerSuite.Net offers integrated modules for Web based Project Management, Support Services, CRM, Time and Billing, Travel Expenses, Purchasing, Invoicing, and HR. The combination of the workflow and collaboration provided by TrackerSuite.Net, with the accounting and financial management capabilities of QuickBooks, creates a business system of considerable value. It is a system that provides organizations with a very tight, manageable cloud based solution that answers the needs of the entire enterprise, and that is also easy to implement. "If you're a newly minted SMB, you could get started with Gmail, TrackerSuite.Net and QuickBooks Online. That's it; you would have a business system on Day One that most organizations only dream of. Start winning business!" said Birchfield.

The business system opportunities offered by the integration of TrackerSuite.Net and QuickBooks Online include:

  • Utilizing TrackerSuite.Net, users can submit timesheets and expense reports against customer projects, and create invoices with customer information pulled from its CRM database. Once the invoice is reviewed, approved and marked billed in TrackerSuite.Net, a twin invoice will be created simultaneously in QuickBooks Online. When the invoice in QuickBooks Online is marked paid, its twin in TrackerSuite.Net will be as well, simplifying the workload of accounts receivable.
  • Accounts payable will experience similar automation benefits. Once a purchase order or check request is approved and posted, the information can be quickly and securely imported to QuickBooks Online with the click of a button, without the need to rekey data, saving time as well as eliminating the potential for human error.
  • The Purchasing and Asset Management modules included in TrackerSuite.Net work hand in hand with each other. The purchasing module handles all phases of the requisition, approval, purchasing and receiving processes. Once the item is marked received it is automatically created as an asset and cataloged. In conjunction with QuickBooks Online capturing payment information, this application set provides organizations with a comprehensive inventory control and management solution.

In addition, organizations will enjoy the ability to configure their business system for multiple QuickBooks accounts, such as those utilized by international offices or divisions that they wish to separate for accounting purposes.

The planned release date of the integration feature is December 1, 2009. Interested parties may register for immediate access to an evaluation site that hosts all of the TrackerSuite.Net applications. Automation Centre also offers trial programs where organizations can evaluate TrackerSuite.Net for their business needs with private evaluation sites. Automation Centre offers several hosting plans for TrackerSuite.Net, although customers also have the option of hosting TrackerSuite.Net with their own infrastructure.

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Automation Centre is a leading provider of advanced Project and IT Operations management solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes. Automation Centres primary products, TrackerSuite.Net (www.TrackerSuite.Net - for the Web) and Tracker Suite ( - for Lotus Notes/Domino products), provide exceptional simplicity and ease-of-use. The company is an Advanced IBM Business Partner, and a Microsoft Certified Partner.

Invoice in TrackerSuite.Net, post to QuickBooks Online

Post invoices from TrackerSuite.Net to QuickBooks with the click of a button