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PRINCE Project Management Software

TrackerSuite.Net software lends itself to the PRINCE project management system.

Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE®) is a process driven system of project management, in contrast with more open methods, such as Agile project management. The overall success of PRINCE projects has led this method to prominence within the United Kingdom, and it is generally the standard utilized by most departments within the United Kingdom governement.

TrackerSuite.Net facilitates PRINCE projects by providing controls for workflow and stage management, improving the visibility of project progress and simplifying issue management.

  • Project definition documents provide a single, central location for key project information, including objectives and business justification, budgets, schedules, team members, issues and risks, and more.
  • TrackerSuite.Net software provides a project request and approval function that facilitates PRINCE project start up and initiation stages.
  • During the execution of the project, TrackerSuite.Net facilitates progress tracking with an automated project status reporting system, as well as configurable project dashboards and report links. The integration of TrackerSuite.Net modules for Project Management and Time Reporting improves the timeliness and accuracy of project labor assessments and workload balancing.
  • Issues and potential risks can be profiled, assigned and tracked duiring the project. TrackerSuite.Net makes it much easier to manage and mitigate issues that threaten projects.
Project Tracker.Net Flash

Watch a Flash Demonstration of Project Execution and Tracking with TrackerSuite.Net

Beyond PRINCE Project Management

TrackerSuite.Net software lends itself to other project management methodologies besides PRINCE, such as traditional Waterfall methods, Agile methods and Critical Chain Project Management.