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Improving Project Governance

Using the views and business intelligence reports provided by TrackerSuite.Net software, organizatations can improve their project governance initiatives, helping them to establish healthy, business-aligned project portfolios.

A healthy project portfolio requires active leadership, resources and the ability to measure cost versus value. But above all, the health of the project portfolio requires governance, the ability to control the scope and direction of the project portfolio to ensure that it aligns with corporate goals and meets expectations.

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TrackerSuite.Net helps organizations in their project governance, at both the portfolio and initiative level, by:

  • Providing portfolio level tools and reports for controlling project entry into the portfolio, tracking costs and earned value, and aligning resources with projects.
  • Establishing a role based structure within projects that identifies owners, leaders and stakeholders.
  • Providing tools for managing projects, tracking progress, costs, risks and issues.
  • Automating communication and workflow, allowing governance efforts to focus on matters that require real attention and time, rather than managing basic processes.

Managing the Project Portfolio

Establishing Roles

A key aspect of project governance is establishing responsibilities both within the organization and its projects. TrackerSuite.Net provides a role based experience both at the organization level and within projects. At the project level, project members can be assigned as managers, sponsors, stakeholders and team members.  These role assignments can be utilized by the automated notification engine in TrackerSuite.Net, as well as security controls for viewing and editing project details and documents.

Tools for Managing Projects

As well as tools for portfolio management, TrackerSuite.Net provides functions that simplify management at the initiative level as well.  Comprehensive status reports with required health metrics reporting, budget views which display planned, committed, actual and forecast costs, as well as the ability to profile issues and risks (with weighting by probability and impact) make it much easier for project managers to focus on leading their initiative.

Automating Workflow

Governance is sometimes the captive of workflow. Management is forced to spend time managing processes instead of governing the portfolio, and is at its mercy in waiting for meaningful, timely reports on progress and costs,

TrackerSuite.Net automates workflow, allowing managers to focus on leading their projects instead of managing processes. These tools include automated reminders for timesheets and status reports, notifications of task assignments, updates and schedule changes. These tools not only allow leadership to focus on guiding projects, they also help ensure reporting and data collection occur in a timely fashion.

For More Information

For organizations seeking to better govern their projects, TrackerSuite.Net offers an array of features and functions to make that possible. If you would like to experience TrackerSuite.Net today, you can register for immediate access to our evaluation site.

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