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Project Management with Email

Outlook project management Flash demo Project management with email has been a development cornerstone for solutions produced by Automation Centre since 1994. TrackerSuite.Net, our 100% Web based solution, integrates with email systems including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Gmail.

Automation Centre has been developing award winning business solutions that leverage email since the beginning of the groupware movement in the 1990s. Our products, Tracker Suite for Lotus Notes and TrackerOffice for Microsoft Outlook / Exchange, were among the first of their breed, allowing organizations to leverage one of the largest IT investments they had made, their email platform, to automate the processes that drove them, including Project Management and Time Reporting.

TrackerSuite.Net, our 100% Web based solution, also utilizes email to streamline these processes, as well as simplify workflow for users by providing a single-portal experience, automating communications and reducing process steps. TrackerSuite.Net can integrate with most email systems, including Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes and Gmail.


Benefits of Email Integration

The integration of TrackerSuite.Net with email platforms provides significant advantages for organizations seeking to improve their project management processes.

Simplifying Workflow: Users can easily surface TrackerSuite.Net within their email client, providing them a single portal in which to communicate and collaborate on initiatives.

Tight Outlook Integration: Users of Microsoft Outlook can drag and drop emails into a TrackerSuite.Net folder to create tasks, project documents and support tickets. They can also synchronize tasks in Outlook with tasks in TrackerSuite.Net.

Automating Processes with Email: TrackerSuite.Net utilizes email to simplify, automate and streamline key project management processes, including project execution, time and status reporting. For example, the entire project request, review and approval process can be managed with email, using Tracker Suite.Net. Reminders for late project status reports are also sent via email, as well as "Auto Nag" notifications for late timesheets.