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Health Care Project Management Office

A health care project management office was established for Robinson Memorial Hospital using TrackerSuite.Net modules for project portfolio management and resource allocation.

Robinson Memorial Hospital needed a better way to manage their projects and resources.  It began looking for a project portfolio management system, one that they could host internally.
It decided on TrackerSuite.Net, which offered the functions they needed, as well as the benefit of working with their Lotus Notes/Domino messaging platform.  As well as leveraging Lotus Notes for automating approval routing and notifications, users were able to surface their TrackerSuite.Net portal within their Lotus Notes client, providing them a single portal in which to work. (TrackerSuite.Net also integrates with other email clients, including Microsoft Outlook and Gmail).

Managing the Project Portfolio

The project request approval engine provided by TrackerSuite.Net leveraged Robinson Memorial Hospital’s Lotus Notes messaging platform. After a new project was profiled, budgeted and submitted for approval, an email was sent through Lotus Notes that contained key project data. This email was automatically routed through the approval process. Designated approvers could review the data and click a link to approve or disapprove the request, right in the email.

Tracking Projects and Resources

TrackerSuite.Net provided the executives at Robinson Memorial Hospital views and tools that allowed them to more easily manage projects in groups, using programs. Using widgets including Program Dashboards, project leaders could easily look up the progress of projects by group.

TrackerSuite.Net also simplified their ability to track and manage projects and resources. From their Tracker desktop, they could utilize Resource Availability widgets for a quick review of workloads. For greater detail, they could leverage a resource allocation report which provided a view of employee workloads by week or by month, with the ability to drill down to see the work assigned to each employee.

Simplifying Work for Project Teams

Robinson Memorial Hospital also enjoyed the ease of use TrackerSuite.Net offered users, particularly the integration of Time Tracker.Net and Project Tracker.Net. When filling out their timesheets, users could easily select tasks profiled in Project Tracker.Net, complete with account codes, which they would charge their work against. This integration not only simplified reporting for users, but also improved the ability of Robinson Memorial Hospital to track the budgeted time versus actual for their projects.

Centralizing Information and Tools

In its search for a solution, Robinson Memorial Hospital considered the ability to consolidate their project data and documents in a central, accessible online location crucial. TrackerSuite.Net provided this workspace, securing project information and documents with project and team level security settings, as well as document check-in / check-out functions that protected files against accidental changes.

For users, this centralization vastly simplified their workflow. Using TrackerSuite.Net, the email system they used every day became a portal to the data and tools they needed for their work, allowing them to work within a single interface instead of juggling multiple windows.

Email Integration

The ability of TrackerSuite.Net to integrate with email greatly automated workflow for Robinson. In addition to streamlining the project approval process described previously, TrackerSuite.Net also sent notifications of task assignments and schedule changes, and automated email reminders for late status reports and timesheets. Project Tracker.Net also offered a “newsletter” function, where task exception reports could be automatically sent to project managers, sponsors and task assignees.

Through its integration with email, TrackerSuite.Net enhanced the regularity of status reporting, improved timesheet compliance and submission rates, and enriched communication among project leadership and teams.

A Successful Project Office Implementation

The benefits of a Project Management Office: lowered costs, improved project success rates, and increased communication and visibility, are attractive to any organization. However, the difficulties faced in establishing one, including gathering the data required, developing meaningful business intelligence from that data, and establishing a method for archiving project materials in such a way that it can still be easily accessed, make it a daunting endeavour.

For Robinson Memorial Hospital, TrackerSuite.Net has served as an "instant project office", through the combination of its rapid deployment and its comprehensive project and portfolio management toolkit and repository, with features including executive portfolio dashboards, a project request engine, tools for project and resource management, reporting and much more.

Project dashboard

Project dashboards simplified portfolio management for the Project Management Office.

Resource drill down.

Drill-down resource allocations reports showed workloads.

Project home page.

Project home pages provided a central location for project information.

Project request approval.

Email integration streamlined the project request and approval process.