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Project and Resource Management for UHCS

Project and resource management, as well as issue tracking, were simplified for University Health Care System by TrackerSuite.Net, a Web based application suite.

University Health Care System recognized a need for an automated system to better manage their projects and resources, due to an increase of the size and complexity of projects executed by their Information Services group that was causing issues with the allocation of resources and increasing risks to their project portfolio.

They chose TrackerSuite.Net applications to unify their business processes for smarter budgeting, improved resource alllocation and more effective risk management.

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TrackerSuite.Net provided University Health Care System with the solution they wanted, a 100% Web based application set with tools for project portfolio management, resource allocation and reporting, and issue tracking, that could integrate with their existing Lotus Notes email platform. These TrackerSuite.Net modules included Project Tracker.Net, Time Tracker.Net, Support Tracker.Net, Personnel Tracker.Net and Tracker Data Warehouse.

Through the integration of Project Tracker.Net and Support Tracker.Net, University Health Care System fully automated their IT processes and management. Using TrackerSuite.Net, they can better unify the efforts of project and support service teams within its Information Services group, with tools for reviewing project related tickets, and integration features including the ability to convert support tickets into project tasks.

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Resource availability view

Using Resource Availability Views, UHCS can drill down to individual assignments