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Project Cost Tracking, Simplified with Web Based Applications

Project cost tracking and management is possible through the integrated nature of TrackerSuite.Net modules for projects, time and expense, purchasing and reporting.

Organizations typically face several difficulties in containing and managing and tracking the cost of projects. These difficulties include:

  • Tying costs to project work in a meaningful way.
  • Ensuring that incurred costs are authorized.
  • Tracking costs in a timely manner.
  • Weighing the actual cost of the project against its benefits, its value or potential income.

TrackerSuite.Net, a modular suite of Web based workflow applications, provides integrated solutions for online project management, Web timesheets and expense reports, purchasing and reporting. Users can also leverage configurable dashboards to track progress, expenditures and value.

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TrackerSuite.Net resolves these difficulties by providing a highly structured environment for project and task management, that facilitates Earned Value Management in compliance with the ANSI/EIA 748 standard. TrackerSuite.Net provides automated and secure approval routing for timesheets, expense reports and purchase orders, and real-time reporting on project status, progress and costs.

Leveraging Account Codes
Within TrackerSuite.Net, projects and tasks are assigned account codes. These account codes allow organizations to identify and separate work effectively, including capital from non-capital labor, or research and development activities for R&D tax credit capture. When an employee completes a timesheet, expense report or purchase order, the labor or expenditures are tied directly to these account codes by line item.
Securing Time, Expense and Purchasing
All timesheets, expense reports and purchase orders are automatically routed through the approval process, with activity logs recording the time and date of every form activity, from creation through approval and final processing, with the electronic signature of the responsible party. TrackerSuite.Net supports proxy approval workflows in case of absences, as well as multiple approval workflows for purchase requests based on purchase type, department rules and spending limits.
Tracking Expenditures in a Timely Manner
Within TrackerSuite.Net, project managers and executives are a click away from viewing current project budget and cost data. Managers and administrators can take advantage of administrative views of all timesheets, purchase orders and expense reports in the system and their status. The Tracker Data Warehouse, a Web based reporting engine, provides real time reports including Budget vs. Actual and Activity Ledgers, based on date pushed from the other TrackerSuite.Net modules.
Weighing the Earned Value of a Project
Project Tracker.Net provides useful earned value management tools and views, which executives and managers can leverage to track and identify planned/actual variances in the budget and schedule, as well as estimate to complete, a value that forecasts the costs required to complete a project or task, based on existing planned value, earned value and actual cost data.

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Establish  budgets and track expenditures

Track Project Budget vs. Actual and Variance

Earned value reports

Track Earned Value

Assign account codes to tasks

Assign Account Codes to Tasks

Automated approval workflows

Automated Approval Routing, with Support for Multiple Workflows