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Project Expense Tracking

Tracking project expenses in TrackerSuite.Net is simplified by the integration of its project management and expense reporting modules.

Some of the typical difficulties organizations face when trying to track expenses against projects include:

  • Paperwork processes that make timely reporting difficult. For example, a project staff working remotely must wait to return to the office to file reports. Paper based processes also slow the approval process through the potential for misfiled, lost forms.
  • Security concerns, such as ensuring that all expense reports are properly authorized and that a trail of responsibility exists for every item.
  • The accuracy of accounting, in assigning expenses to the correct project as well as charging against the correct account codes.
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TrackerSuite.Net, a Web based suite of business applications, offers organizations a powerful toolset for eliminating these difficulties. Using TrackerSuite.Net modules including Expense Tracker.Net ( for Web based expense reporting) and Project Tracker.Net (for online project management), organizations can:

Simplify Expense Reporting

Expense Tracker.Net provides easy to use expense report forms that users can fill out and submit at any time, from any location, within their browser or email client. If the project staff member is working in another country, they can utilize an international expense report form that supports foreign currencies and conversion rates. With easy-to-use picklists that allow users to quickly charge expenses by line item to projects, marking billable items as well as assigning account codes for travel and miscellaneous expenses, employees can quickly and easily report their project related expenditures.

Expense Tracker.Net also simplifies routine expense reporting with expense report templates. For example, if project staff commonly travel to client sites, using a template a project staff could instantly generate a report with travel, lodging and meal expenses already configured and ready for updating.

Streamlining and Securing the Approval Process

Once an expense report is submitted, it is automatically routed through the approval process. Expense Tracker.Net can deliver expense reports directly to approvers via email, where they can review and approve the expense report from without leaving their email client.

As the expense report moves through the approval process, an activity log records the time and date-stamped electronic signatures of every individual who edited or approved/disapproved the expense report, establishing a trail of responsibility for every item.

Improved Accounting

As well as simplifying report generation, these picklists also improve the accuracy of accounting and simplify processing. A General Ledger box near the bottom of the form provides an at-a-glance review of the accounting totals of the expense report, broken down by account codes.

Simplified Expense Report Tracking and Reporting

TrackerSuite.Net also simplifies the tracking of all expense reports in the system. At the individual level, users can manage their expense reports and track the status of submitted reports. Administrators can leverage dashboard views that show all expense reports and their status.

In addition, using the Tracker Data Warehouse, a Web based reporting engine, organizations can generate reports on project related expenses, such as Activity Ledgers and Budget vs. Actual reports. These reports can be configured with filters, pivot tables and drag-and-drop columns, to suit the users need, and can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

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Web based expense report

Charge Expenses Against Projects from Any Location,Via Browser or Email

Automated expense report approval routing

Expense Reports are Automatically Routed through Approval

Web based expense report

Electronic Signatures Create a Trail of Responsibility

Web based expense report

Review Activity Ledger Reports