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Project Job Costing, Simplified

Project job costing is simplified with TrackerSuite.Net, through its integrated applications for project management, time and expense reporting, and purchasing that simplify job costing and forecasting. TrackerSuite.Net offers organizations:

  • Fast, scalable Web based applications that can be surfaced inside of email clients.
  • The ability to tie labor, expenses and purchases directly to projects and tasks, with codes that automate accounting.
  • Real-time reporting on project costs, progress and value.

TrackerSuite.Net is a next generation solution which can be shaped to fit a wide array of business initiatives, including project job costing. Tracker Suite.Net integrates with Microsoft Project, most popular CRM applications, and virtually any other SOA-compatible enterprise platform. It is a 100% Web based solution, requiring only a Web server and a SQL database to deploy.

TrackerSuite.Net applications can be licensed on a modular or package basis, allowing organizations to select the tools they need to cost-effectively assemble the solution they want. For organizations seeking a means to track and forecast the cost of projects, the modules they would leverage include:

Project Tracker.Net

Project Tracker.Net is an online project management solution that helps organizations deliver projects on-time, on-budget.

Time Tracker.Net

Time Tracker.Net is a Web based time tracking solution which integrates with Project Tracker.Net, allowing time to be charged against projects and tasks, improving the accuracy of project job costing. Time Tracker.Net offers:

Expense Tracker.Net

Expense Tracker.Net is a Web based expense tracking solution that streamlines and secures the reporting of project and travel related expenses. Expense Tracker.Net offers:

Purchase Tracker.Net

Purchase Tracker.Net is a Web based purchase order solution that simplifies procurement for projects. Purchase orders can be submitted from any location and charged directly to projects. Purchase Tracker.Net offers:

The Tracker Data Warehouse

The Tracker Data Warehouse is a business intelligence engine that utilizes SQL Server as a back-end data store. It provides a comprehensive decision support system with over 40 report templates including:

Project home pages

Manage Projects and Review Metrics

Web timesheets

Charge Time Against Projects and Tasks

Expense reports

Report Project and Travel Related Expenses

Online purchase orders

Control and Track Project Procurement

Time pie reports

Generate Reports on Project Job Costs