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A project management office software solution, TrackerSuite.Net provides the tools and reports that help organizations to effectively track initiatives and manage resources.

The benefits of utilizing Project Management Office software include improvements to prioritization within the organization's project portfolio, resource allocation, budgeting and scheduling, as well as the ability to identify and eliminate redundant work. The ultimate benefit is a reduction in projects delivered overdue, overbudget - or not delivered at all.

TrackerSuite.Net facilitates these operations by providing Web based PMO software tools for tracking initiatives online, identifying their value, and facilitating the efficient allocation of resources to ensure their success.

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Using TrackerSuite.Net modules, your organization can:

Solutions that Empower the PMO

TrackerSuite.Net also provides tools and functions that may not be utilized directly by an online Project Management Office, but facilitate its operation:

  • Account codes can be established for project and tasks, simplifying project budgeting and billing, such as in the case of a internal software development project where work needs to be identified as "capital" or "non-capital".
  • TrackerSuite.Net can be configured to send automatic, project e-newsletters, to help keep project managers and their teams on the same page in regards to project status and progress.
  • The integration of TrackerSuite.Net modules facilitates project accounting.  Purchase orders and check requests can be charged directly against projects.
  • Support issues related to projects can be logged as tickets in Support Tracker.Net, a Web based help desk, and these tickets can later be converted into project tasks, or even into new projects.
  • If the project management office is handling projects for external customers as well as internal business units, Customer Tracker.Net, a Web based CRM module, provides a central, secure online location for customer and contact information, as well as contract tracking and management functions.

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If you would like to make an immediate evaluation of TrackerSuite.Net and review its potential benefits for your organization, please register for immediate access to our online evaluation site. Within the evaluation you'll be able to experience TrackerSuite.Net from various user roles, as a General User, as a Manager, as an Executive and even as a Customer. Register today, and learn how TrackerSuite.Net can help your organization become a more productive, efficient and exciting place to work.

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