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Project Planning and Requests
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Project planning and request management within TrackerSuite.Net is simplified, with tools for planning schedules and budgets, and tools for approval routing of the project request.

TrackerSuite.Net offers modular, online project and personnel management solutions that simplify project planning and kickoff, from initial budget planning to the approval of the project request.

1. Establish the Budget

In the budget tab of the Project Definition form in Project Tracker.Net, budgets can be categorized in Labor, Non-Labor and Income fields. Budget and Actual can be defined in time, capital, non-capital and income. Billing can be defined by type and rate. Baselines can also be established for review later.

Budgets can also be established at the task level. As tasks are created and resources are scheduled, cost rates are applied against the planned hours and the project's budget takes shape.

As the project progresses, the budget form is updated with the Committed and Actual totals. The budget form also includes a Forecast column.

2. Schedule Work and Resources

Project Tracker.Net provides a robust Work Breakdown Structure which supports dependencies. Managers can indent and link tasks through an intuitive interface that includes a Gantt Chart for a graphical representation of work, as well as access to views of Planned vs. Actual work and Earned Value.

Tasks can be added to the WBS either manually, from a template or by import. The WBS can also be exported to Microsoft Project.

Managers can utilize resource availability analysis views on a weekly or monthly basis, filtered by manager and business unit. These views provide a summary of the hours scheduled for each resource within the period, and by clicking the name of the resource, a list of the tasks and hours planned for the resource that period will appear. TrackerSuite.Net also offers a Resource vs. Available widget on the desktop that provides an overview of planned hours versus available resources.

Project request emailed for approval.

Automated Project Approval Request Routing via Email

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3. Streamline the Project Request Process

Once the project budget has been established, work scheduled and resources set, the project is submitted for approval. An email containing key project data is sent to designated approvers for review and sign-off.