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Project Scheduling Software

Project scheduling software from Automation Centre facilitates project execution by simplifying resource allocation and work planning.

TrackerSuite.Net is a 100% Web based suite of applications, with integrated online project management and personnel management software modules, Project Tracker.Net and Personnel Tracker.Net.

The integration of these modules, as well as the business intelligence reporting capabilities of the Tracker Data Warehouse, helps organizations to schedule work and resources for projects more effectively.

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Scheduling Work

TrackerSuite.Net provides the following tools and functions for planning work for projects:

  • It provides a robust and flexible Work Breakdown Structure for project labor. Using milestone templates, major points of the project timeline can be established.
  • Tasks and their related sub-tasks can be defined, rounding out the project structure.
  • A dynamic Web based Gantt Chart interface allows the WBS of the project to be modified on the fly. Using arrow buttons, project planners can easily rearrange the schedule of work, as well as link and indent tasks. Using drag-and-drop bars, the expected delivery dates and the workloads of their attached resources can be modified. Users can also edit fields in-line.

Managing Project Resources

Half of scheduling a project is developing its Work Breakdown Structure, the other half is managing the resources that will perform the labor. TrackerSuite.Net provides views and reports that deliver business intelligence for effective workload distribution, and tools that simplify resource management.

  • Using tools such as a Project Resource vs. Available widget, managers and executives can quickly review resource workloads by position.
  • Managers can also leverage Resource Availability analysis views to view individual resource workloads, which they can filter by department, manager and position.
  • Using the Tracker Data Warehouse, "What If" scenarios can be run to determine impact on resource allocations in various project scheduling scenarios.

For More Information

For more information on how TrackerSuite.Net can provide your organization with a project scheduling software solution, please contact Automation Centre today at (520) 882-9287, or email A free demo of TrackerSuite.Net is available, register today for immediate access.

Web based Gantt Chart

Dynamic, Web Based Gantt Charts Simplify Scheduling Project Work

Project resource vs. available widget.

Project Resource vs. Available Graph

Resource availability with drill down views.

Resource Allocation Views with Drill Down