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Project Timesheets Made Easy

Project timesheets are offered by TrackerSuite.Net through the integration of its modules for online project management and Web timesheets, Project Tracker.Net and Time Tracker.Net.

The charging of time against tasks is a fundamental aspect of projects. Without an accurate measure of the time spent on a project, it is difficult to determine if the project is on schedule and within budget. However, the limitations of some time reporting processes, such as the use of spreadsheets, bog organizations down in manual record review and analysis to determine time spent on tasks, or forcing them to make ballpark estimates if time for research is unavailable.

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As well as analysis, manual systems have other drawbacks, including slow approval processes, compliance with reporting standards, and archiving difficulties. For organizations utilizing paper based processes, these problems are exacerbated by the potential for mis-filed or lost paperwork.

TrackerSuite.Net, a Web based application suite, provides integrated solutions for Project Management (Project Tracker.Net, an online project management solution) and Time Reporting (Time Tracker.Net, a Web timesheets solution). Working together, these modules provide the project timesheets solution that organizations are looking for.

The benefits of utilizing TrackerSuite.Net include:

  • Users can create and submit Web timesheets from any location, via their browser or even within their email client. Time Tracker.Net supports multiple formats, including Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Semi-Monthly. Time Tracker.Net also offers a Time In/Time Out timesheet format.
  • A "Last Saved Timesheet" button allows users to create a new timesheet based on the previous one, simplifying reporting of routine tasks.
  • Submitted timesheets are automatically routed through the approval process, with electronic signatures and time/date stamping creating a trail of responsibility for every item. Time Tracker.Net can also be configured to send submitted timesheets via email for approval.
  • Administrators can leverage timesheet dashboards for at-a-glance review and approval of multiple timesheets in the system.
  • Time Tracker.Net automates management of the time reporting process with Auto Nag emails that encourage timely reporting.
  • Timesheets can easily be archived electronically.
  • Tasks in Project Tracker.Net can be assigned account codes, for example, classifying labor as capital or as research and development, simplifying initiatives for SOP 98-1.

For managers and executives, the key benefit of TrackerSuite.Net is its real-time reporting capability through the Tracker DataWarehouse, a Web based reporting engine. The Tracker DataWarehouse receives data pushed from all of the TrackerSuite.Net modules, including Project Tracker.Net and Time Tracker.Net. The Tracker Data Warehouse provides an array of reports on organization time reporting practices and projects, including Timesheet Compliance reports, Project Time Pies, Budget vs. Actual, Activity Ledgers and more.

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