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PSA software from Automation Centre integrates project management, CRM, time, expense and purchasing to provide a comprehensive, Web based PSA software solution, with out of the box integration with QuickBooks Online.

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For IT Service organizations seeking a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution for managing client projects, TrackerSuite.Net offers several compelling advantages:

  • Integrated, Web based modules for Project Management, CRM, Time and Expense Reporting, Purchasing and Invoicing. The integration of these modules provides several efficiencies for PSA workflow, including:
    • Intelligent data sharing - CRM billing data is pushed to Project and Invoicing modules. No re-entry of existing information required.
    • Improved billing accuracy - All billables are charged against specific project codes, simplifying the billing process.
    • Paperless workflow - All timesheets, expense reports, purchase orders and invoices are electronic forms, served with automated routing and secured with activity logs and electronic signatures that establish a trail of responsibility for every item.
  • Out of the box integration with QuickBooks Online - Once an invoice is reviewed, approved and marked billed in TrackerSuite.Net, a twin invoice will be created simultaneously in QuickBooks Online. When the invoice in QuickBooks Online is marked paid, its twin in TrackerSuite.Net will be as well, simplifying the workload of accounts receivable.
  • Integration with email improves performance efficiencies with automated approval routing, via email, of billable items and invoices for approval, notifications of task assignments and schedule changes, and reminders for late timesheets and status reports.
  • Source code is included with licensing, allowing IT service organizations to utilize their own resources to customize TrackerSuite.Net as needed. (Automation Centre also offers customization services.)

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TrackerSuite.Net applications can be licensed on a modular or package basis, allowing organizations select the tools they need to cost-effectively assemble the solution they want. For IT Service organizations seeking a Professional Services Automation software solution that integrates with QuickBooks, the modules they would leverage include:

Project Tracker.Net

Project Tracker.Net is an online project management solution that forms the backbone of this Professional Services Automation solution package. Project Tracker.Net helps organizations deliver projects on-time, on-budget, with features including:

Time Tracker.Net

Time Tracker.Net is a Web based time tracking solution that integrates with Project Tracker.Net, allowing time to be charged against client projects and tasks. Time Tracker.Net offers:

Expense Tracker.Net

Expense Tracker.Net is a Web based expense tracking solution that streamlines and secures the reporting of project and travel related expenses charged by IT Service organizations. Expense Tracker.Net offers:

Purchase Tracker.Net

Purchase Tracker.Net is a Web based purchase order solution that simplifies procurement for client projects. Purchase orders can be submitted from any location and charged directly to projects. Purchase Tracker.Net offers:

Customer Tracker.Net

Customer Tracker.Net is a Web based CRM database that acts as a data store for all customer information, including company profiles, contacts, billing information, correspondence, contracts and more. Customer Tracker.Net offers:

Invoice Tracker.Net

Invoice Tracker.Net is structured for ease of use with billing prep, billing review, and waiting for payment work areas. It offers views of budgeted and billed amounts by customer, project and project manager, including invoice lists, invoice prep and invoice forecasts.

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Review project dashboards

Dashboards with Project Status and Invoice Data

Simplify project billing with Web timesheets

Bill Time Against Projects and Tasks

Track and secure project procurement

Track Project Purchasing

Export invoices to QuickBooks with a mouseclick

Export Invoices to QuickBooks Online

View invoice forecasts

Forecast Invoices