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Purchase Control Software

Purchase control software helps organizations to better manage their procurement process, increasing accountability and facilitating the tracking of purchase orders.

TrackerSuite.Net includes a Web based purchase order tracking system, Purchase Tracker.Net, that helps organizations better control their purchasing process, from the creation of purchase requests through their processing.

Controlling Access to the Purchasing Process

TrackerSuite.Net utilizes a role based access model to its functions. Using this model, organizations can easily restrict access to the purchasing functions and views:

Securing the Approval Process

Security is a core element of the purchasing process - ensuring that all purchase orders are properly reviewed and approved, and that a clear audit trail exists for every item. Using Purchase Tracker.Net, organizations can be assured that:

  • Through its automated approval routing process, Purchase Tracker.Net ensures that each purchase order is reviewed by a designated approver, or their assigned proxy. Purchase Tracker.Net supports multiple approval workflows, based on department rules and spending limits.
  • An activity log records the entire history of the purchase order, who created it, who approved it, and who processed it, creating a clear trail of responsibility for every purchase order in the system.
  • If a purchase order has to be updated for any reason, Purchase Tracker.Net supports change orders, creating a version history for the purchase order with descriptions of what was changed.

Improving Accounting

Aside from securing the purchasing process, purchase control software is also intended to improve the clarity and accuracy of organizational accounting, by requiring every purchase order to be completely and accurately filled out prior to submission, saving purchasing from having to track down personnel for corrections and for more details.

  • Purchase Tracker.Net provide detailed purchase order forms which must be filled out completely prior to submission.
  • Purchase order forms provide a General Ledger area where users can assign GL codes to the sums of their purchase orders.

Learn More

For more information about controlling the procurement process with Purchase Tracker.Net, please contact Automation Centre today at (520) 882-9287, or email

Automation Centre is also pleased to offer a free demo of TrackerSuite.Net, which includes its applications for project management, time and expense reporting, payment requests, personnel management, support services and more. Interested parties may register for immediate access to an evaluation site to make a hands-on evaluation of TrackerSuite.Net for their needs.

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