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Capturing R&D Tax Credits

In 2005, 17,700 companies claimed $6,600,000,000 dollars in Research and Development tax credits*. Ensure that your organization is capturing its due R&D credits with integrated solutions for project management, time and expense reporting, purchasing and business intelligence.

TrackerSuite.Net is a 100% Web based application suite that facilitates the efforts of organizations to claim Research and Development tax credits by providing a structured project management environment tightly integrated with time, expense and purchasing, with robust reporting capabilities.

Utilizing TrackerSuite.Net for research and development projects, organizations can:

  • Manage labor, materials, design, development, testing and cost for R&D projects.
  • Copy successful R&D projects and utilize task templates to simplify the configuration of new R&D project processes and tasks.
  • Proof of process and logging, such as task forms that recrod when a task was updated, when its completion percentage changed, and more.
  • Utilize milestone dashboards to review project development.
  • All time, expenses and purchases are tied to their respective project, utilizing R&D account codes to ensure accurate credit capture.
  • Utilize a powerful reporting engine to run "What if?" scenarios and compare current revenue and R&D activities against historic base levels to determine the potential for R&D tax credits. The real-time posting capabilities of the TrackerSuite.Net reporting engine also makes it possible for organizations to generate immediate reports on the progress and costs of their R&D projects.

* From "Supporting innovation and economic growth: The broad impact of the R&D credit in 2005". Prepared by Ernst & Young LLP. April 2008.

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