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How business administration software simplifies the work of Ashley Admin, in working with employees and customers.

Ashley Admin

My time is money. More accurately, my company's money.

I have to stay on top of all aspects of our business: projects, finances, personnel- you name it, I've got to know it. It was always a struggle, our workflow was horrible! I had to sift through mountains of files for reports and customer information, chase people down for status reports, and keep track of billing and expenses. I was breaking my back just to keep up with the week before!

Then TrackerSuite.Net came along, and it was the business administration software solution that we needed! Now I have tools that automatically gather and store the information I need. It automated our business expense reporting and our Accounts Payable department - no more paper chases! Up to date information about what I need to know is right here, whenever I need it. Now I know what's going on in my company. Now I can do my job. I'm not the only one either, it's really helped all of our employees work more effectively, it's really helped us increase our enterprise workforce efficiencies.

My Flash presentation might help you understand Tracker's impact on my job and our organization's workflow. I can tell you how Tracker streamlined the business administration processes at Bizco. The presentation appears in a new window, so I'll still be here (hard at work!) if you need me.

The applications I've found the most use for are:

Personnel Tracker.Net - I have a tough time remembering faces and names, much less memorizing everyone's phone extension! With Personnel Tracker, I get a Web accessible employee directory at my fingertips! Between this application and Project Tracker.Net, I have a real Web based resource management solution.

Customer Tracker.Net - With Customer Tracker, I have an up-to-date customer database with the information I need, that I can access from any location over the Web. Its integration with Support Tracker.Net, our Web help desk solution, gives me a great CRM help desk, where I can review a customers support tickets, right in their file.

Project Tracker.Net - One of the most time-consuming tasks I have in business administration is chasing people down to remind them to submit their status reports. Thanks to Project Tracker.Net software, now I send automated reminders through email.

Tracker Data Warehouse - The Tracker Data Warehouse allows me to access the financial status of each project in the pipeline. Therefore, I always know where things stand when talking to clients about the status of their projects and accounts.

Time Tracker.Net, Expense Tracker.Net and Purchase Tracker.Net - These applications have simplified our time and billing processes enormously, by simplifying reporting and automating approval workflows, and even enforcing timesheet compliance. My favorite tool is the automated email reminder for late timesheets - its the best part of this online time reporting system.

Ashley Admin, Business Administrator

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