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How decision maker software helps Victor Vice President make effective decisions about his organizations project and resource portfolio.

Victor Vice President, executive decision maker

Last year our company was in trouble. Not enough to sink us, but there were clear signs that we needed to take action, particularly in our enterprise project portfolio.

One project was launched without a real review of its alignment with Bizco's objectives and resources, leading to a costly crash-and-burn. Important projects faltered through planning mistakes and lack of support. Our project portfolio was a mess, full of uncertainties about the value of our projects, their real costs and even their current status. As an executive decision maker, it was difficult to make the right choices for managing our project and resource portfolios..

I felt our root problem was a lack of cohesiveness. When I wanted to review the status of my organization I had to go through multiple software systems for the data I needed to make decisions, then I had to mash it together in spreadsheets to try to make sense out of it. I believe the fragmented nature of our systems also caused the communication breakdowns and lack of oversight that led to our difficulties.

II chose to invest in TrackerSuite.Net software. It gave Bizco what it needed- cohesiveness. We developed from a patchwork of departments with disparate systems into a whole entity with a common portal to our business. TrackerSuite.Net didn't just give us tools, it promoted our business intelligence, providing me with a Web based decision support software solution. Across the organization, my employees know what's going on.

I can't emphasize enough how much Tracker has helped my company and simplified my abiility to make effective decisions. Let me show you a Flash presentation of how Tracker helps me with Bizco's decision-making process. This presentation will appear in a new window, so I'll be here if you need me.

These are some of the TrackerSuite.Net software modules I use most, and some of my favorite features:

The Tracker Data Warehouse - The Tracker Data Warehouse is my virtual dashboard for business. I use real-time reports on Budget vs. Actual, Project Portfolios, Activity Ledgers, Project Lists and more. I can configure the reports as I need with filters, picklists and drag-and-drop fields. I can even create custom reports using a report editor.

Project Tracker.Net - Project Tracker.Net is great. It gives me high level schedules so that I always know the status of what's going on throughout the organization, and can make sure that projects are on track. I can also compare the task loads of different departments to see which teams are at maximum capacity and manage team work loads as necessary. In conjunction with our TrackerSuite.Net modules for Web based billing and invoicing.

Personnel Tracker.Net - As an executive decision maker, knowledge about my organization is the key to success for me and my company. This software tool provides important information about each of my employees, as well as organizational structure, approver levels and workflows in one central location.

Customer Tracker.Net - With Customer Tracker.Net, I am able to easily keep in touch with our customers and make sure we're doing what we say we will for our clients.


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