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IT administrator software helps Carlos Computer automate and simplify support services, asset management and more.

IT administrator software

Last year Bizco hit a little turbulence. Some projects went off-track, and our support service faltered in their compliance with SLAs, which riled up some of the customers. Victor Vice President blamed it on poor communication and a breakdown of processes. I agreed. Then he told ME to find a solution. Sigh.

As Bizco's IT Administrator, I reviewed several software options. TrackerSuite.Net offered several advantages to competing business solutions that made it my #1 choice for our IT process management initiative:.

  • TrackerSuite.Net is 100% Web based. Our employees can access TrackerSuite.Net at any time, from any location via the Web. I didn't have to touch a single desktop!
  • We had the option of installing TrackerSuite.Net on one of our own servers, or as a hosted project management and help desk software solution. While the hosting offer was attractive, I still like having immediate control over the TrackerSuite.Net applications and our data. We decided to host it ourselves.
  • Source code was included in licensing, allowing us to customize TrackerSuite.Net applications ourselves. TrackerSuite.Net was built with common Web technologies we were already familiar with, including LDAP, SOAP and XML.
  • TrackerSuite.Net integrated with our existing technologies: Active Directory, Microsoft Project and Quickbooks. It also capitalized our Microsoft Outlook email system. Users could access TrackerSuite.Net within their email client, and even drag-and-drop emails into online folders.

TrackerSuite.Net provided me with an end-to-end IT administrator software solution, with tools for IT project risk management, and even lent itself to an ITIL adoption initiative we were considering. The integrated TrackerSuite.Net modules I enjoy most include:

Support Tracker.Net - Support Tracker.Net simplifies our SLA management. It collects support requests from the Web or e-mail. It includes category and priority profiles for smart routing of tickets, and provides color-coded ticket dashboards for tracking ticket status. I can even embed the dashboard in an email as an on-the-fly help desk newsletter! Its ability to integrate with Customer Tracker.Net really simplifies our IT service management for customers, you could call it our CRM help desk.

Asset Tracker.Net - Asset Tracker.Net simplifies our management of IT assets, with a comprehensive online asset database for fixed assets as well as intangible items such as alarm codes, telephony and system accounts, and automates employee provisioning. But frankly, as an IT administrator the peace of mind I get from the checklists that ensure the collection of security assets from departing employees, such as alarm codes and system accounts, is its best feature. With Asset Tracker.Net, I know exactly where their assets are located and can pull up service information and history on each one.

Time Tracker.Net - Now when IT staff are updating the status of support tickets, they can charge time against them as well!. The integration of Time Tracker.Net and Support Tracker.Net serves as a key part of our IT chargeback system.

Purchase Tracker.Net - Purchase Tracker's integration with Project Tracker and Support Tracker allow users to charged purchases against projects, cost centers and support issues, improving the accuracy of our reporting. Submitted purchase orders are automatically routed to the appropriate supervisor. For example, if a PO for IT materials is submitted, then I'll receive an email notification. As an IT administrator, I've found this software streamlines our procurement immensely, as well as helping us track IT spending.

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