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Project Controller software, as described by Boris Beancounter, and how it simplifies his work with Web based applications for time, expense, purchasing and invoicing.

Boris Beancounter

Sometimes I wish I'd listened to Mother, and become a dentist instead of Project Controller. But then, I always preferred calculus to cavities. Even when Bizco was in trouble last year, I just bore down and did the best work I could.

Billing was a nightmare, I think I spent half of my time outside my office, tracking down project managers and administrators to discuss confusing expense reports, time cards, and purchase requests. When I was in my office, I was bombarded by customers calling about their bills- and Bizco has a LOT of customers. Sifting through accounts to find customer information ate up a lot of my time.

Fortunately, we purchased TrackerSuite.Net, software which simplified my work as a Project Controller enormously. It streamlined our project job costing, billable time tracking and IT spend tracking. It reduced enterprise costs and helped us in automating our Accounts Payable - it integrated with our Great Plains system. It even facilitated our SOX initiative! Any information I need is a mouse click away, no more chasing people down or searching through paperwork! The information is always up to date, and even better than that- I know what's going on. TrackerSuite.Net streamlines communication and centralizes information, so now I can see where things are going, how projects are developing and how my company is progressing.

Besides dentistry, I also gave serious thought to becoming an actor. You could see my first attempt on the stage in my Flash presentation. I'll show you how TrackerSuite.Net software made my job as a Project Controller so much easier. I can tell you about Tracker's Return On Investment. The presentation appears in a new window, so I'll still be here. Unless Hollywood calls, of course.

The applications and features of TrackerSuite.Net that simplified our work are:

Project Tracker.Net - All of the TrackerSuite.Net modules create billable line items based on projects and tasks that are profiled in Project Tracker.Net. We can configure account codes that separate capital vs. non-capital labor and expenses, facilitating SOP 98-1.

Customer Tracker.Net - Having all of our customer data in one location makes life much easier for everyone: contacts, addresses and phone numbers and links to current projects.

Purchase Tracker.Net - Purchase Tracker.Net simplifies purchase order creation for everyone, and automates workflows that simplify the work of our purchasing managers. What I enjoy most about this software, as a Project Controller, is the ability to review and I sort all of the requests by vendor, originator of the purchase request, delivery date, and so on. This makes it easy for me to track how much we're spending and what we're spending it on.

Payment Tracker.Net - Sometimes a purchase falls outside of our typical procurement cycle, for example, when no invoice is provided or for advanced payment on fixed price items, such as an office or equipment rental. Payment Tracker.Net provides a systemized, secure check request process for these events.

Time Tracker.Net & Expense Tracker.Net - These modules make it easy for employees to fill out and submit timesheets and expense reports over the Web. Moving to an online time reporting system has been great, the data I receive is consistent and easy to process. I no longer have to track people down asking: 'What did you mean by this?'

Invoice Tracker.Net - This module is a core component of our Web based billing and invoicing processes. It gives me tools to review invoice lists and forecasts. It vastly simplifies our time and billing.

The Tracker Data Warehouse - Real-time reports of all our financial information - I love this Project Controller software! Every expense and every hour billed is tallied into this database, with reports I can manipulate with filters, pivot tables and drag-and-drop fields, including Budget vs. Actual, Time Pies, Purchase Lists and more. From total cash flow down through line item specifics, Data Warehouse lets me keep my finger on the financial pulse of my organization.

Boris Beancounter, Project Controller

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