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Project team software provides Joe User the information and tools he needs to work effectively, wherever he is.

Joe User

I guess they call me a "General Staff". Personally, I prefer the term "Alpha Force Project Commando" but my supervisor, Mark Manager, won't okay the title change. Whatever.

One thing that has changed is our workflow, and it's for the better. I used to juggle a bunch of different systems to get work done: spreadsheets for project timesheets and expense reporting, a paper request system for purchases, working with documents off a shared drive, work on projects with Microsoft Project, and pretty much everything else (like issue reporting or asset requests) through email.

Now with TrackerSuite.Net, our project team software solution, I can access all the tools I need to do my work through a single virtual office portal that's customized to my needs. I can even access TrackerSuite.Net within my Microsoft Outlook email client, with a drag-and-drop function that allows me to file emails right into a project documents folder! TrackerSuite.Net provides all employees with virtual office they can step into, anywhere they are, to access the data and tools they need to work, which really helps Bizco increase its enterprise workforce efficiencies.

Y'know, if you really want to see Tracker in action, check out my Flash presentation. I'll show you how Tracker project team software helps Bizco employees report time and expenses. This presentation will pop up in a new window, so stay cool- I'll still be here.

These are the apps and features that help me the most:

Personnel Tracker.Net - Bye bye Rolodex! With Personnel Tracker.Net I can access a searchable employee directory that has the names, locations, and phone numbers that I need. The best part is that they are always up-to-date; no more disappearing coworkers!

Project Tracker.Net - I can access a project home page that puts me a click away from the information I need: tasks, status reports and project documents. Project Tracker.Net secured our document management with features for document check-in/check-out and version control. The integration with email makes it a natural fit for the Agile project management methodology our team sometimes utilize for our software projects.

Time Tracker and Expense Tracker.Net - No more juggling spreadsheets for time and expense reporting. With Time Tracker.Net and Expense Tracker.Net I can quickly create and submit Web timesheets and expense reports, at any time from any location. If I incur expenses while I'm working out of town, I can scan the receipts and add them as attachments to my expense reports when I submit them. I can also track the status of my timesheets and expense reports through the approval process.

Purchase Tracker.Net - This online system cut a ridiculous amount of time out of our previous, paper-based process. No more lost paperwork, and smart routing to ensure the purchase request is reviewed by the correct approver. I can track the status of my purchase orders through the approval process.


Joe User, Project Team member

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Project Management Integrated with Email

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Web Timesheets

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