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Purchase manager software streamlines procurement for managers.

Pablo Purchaser

My mother told me an old Filipino proverb, "If you make a habit of buying things you do not need, you will soon be selling things you do."

While I've been working at a purchasing manager at Bizco, I came up with a saying of my own-

"You need WHAT?!"

I used to say that so often, I thought about using it for the message on my voice mail! Every day, I'd sit behind a desk buried under purchase orders, playing "catch-up" with new projects and the materials they needed. The rest of the time I'd be running through the office, tracking down approvals on purchase orders. I really needed a purchase manager software system to simplify my work.

The worst part of my job was generating reports on our purchasing. Boris Beancounter, our chief accountant, needed them as part of our SOX initiative.

But now, with TrackerSuite.Net, my desk is clean. Well, cleaner anyway. No more paper - our entire purchase request and approval cycle is now online, and I can manage it from any location over the Web. Best of all, the reports I need to generate are just a mouse-click away. Boris is pleased as punch too, as TrackerSuite.Net integrated with our Great Plains system.

The applications I typically use are:

Purchase Tracker.Net - I love this application! I can view purchase orders online, and thanks to automatic approval routing, I don't have to chase down approvals. Each purchase order includes an activity log that records all the edits and approvals for the purchase order.

Purchase Tracker.Net integrates with the project management module our project managers and their teams use, Project Tracker.Net. As a purchase manager, this software simplifies my work an enormous amount.

Payment Tracker.Net - Sometimes our normal procurement routines have to be skipped. On these occasions, Payment Tracker.Net provides a systemized, secure check request process. It also provides views that make it easy to track the status of check and payment requests.

The Tracker Data Warehouse - My love, my reporting engine! With a click I can summon up an array of real-time reports, including Purchasing Lists, which I can export to Excel. As a purchase manager, the reports this software generates are indispensable.

Personnel Tracker.Net - It doesn't happen often, but sometimes a purchase order crosses my desk that needs clarification. Having a Web accessible, searchable employee directory on hand makes it easy to contact the originator of the purchase order and clear things up.

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Purchase managers' work is simplified with Web based purchase orders.

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Purchase managers can track the age of purchase orders awaiting approval

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