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SAP Accounts Payable Integration

A SAP Accounts Payable system that simplifies and streamlines accounting, by automating the process from start to finish with Web modules for Purchasing, Payment and Expense.

TrackerSuite.Net is suite of Web based business applications for Purchasing, Check Requests and Expense Reporting. These applications can integrate with SAP, providing an easy to use, easy to configure front end portal for creation and management of purchase orders, payment requests and expense reports.

TrackerSuite.Net vs. SAP Portal

TrackerSuite.Net offers compelling advantages for organizations considering developing or procuring applications in the SAP Portal as Web based front-end interfaces for users, in order to fully automate their Accounts Payable process.

  • Highly Configurable Applications - TrackerSuite.Net application serve forms which organizations can configure, down to the field level, including security and access rights, without touching a line of code.
  • Improving Accounting Accuracy - TrackerSuite.Net allows users to ties amounts in their purchase orders, payment requests and expense reports to account codes. In expense report forms, these are automatically assigned by line item based on expense type (Meal, Rental, Misc, Airfare, etc). In purchase orders and payment requests, users can assign account codes to amounts in a General Ledger area.
  • Automated Workflow - TrackerSuite.Net provides a workflow engine that automatically routes POs, payment requests and expense reports. In addition, it leverages the organization's email system to streamline the process, sending email copies of these items to designated approvers, with embedded links that can be clicked for approval or disapproval.
  • Security - As well as automated approval routing that ensures all forms are properly reviewed and authorized, these forms also include electronic signatures that establish a trail of responsibility for every item.


TrackerSuite.Net offers organizations the opportunity to establish a fully automated Accounts Payable system, using front end Web based applications from TrackerSuite.Net in conjunction with SAP as a back end. For interested parties seeking a hands on evaluation, Automation Centre offers a registration form for immediate access to a demonstration site.

Web based purchase order

TrackerSuite.Net streamlines purchase order workflows with email.

Web based expense reporting

TrackerSuite.Net offers easy to use expense report forms.