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Asset Profile

Asset profiles in Asset Tracker.Net serve as templates to describe assets such as keys, security codes, laptops, computers, phone numbers, online accounts and more. From an asset profile, an individual asset document may be created, for an actual item.

The fields available in the asset profile include:

  • The type of Asset (such as "Fixed", "Software", or "Security"), and its subtype (such as "Laptop", "Desk" or "Alarm Code"). The possible values for these fields are configurable.
  • A generic description of the asset.
  • Notes for the asset profile, such as the expected use of such assets.
  • The assigned manager for assets created from this profile.

For example, if an organization wished to create a profile for laptops to be assigned to developers, it might have the following settings.

  • Since the laptop is a fixed asset, it is assigned the "Fixed" value in the Asset Type.
  • From the Asset Subtype field, the value "Laptop" is selected.
  • In the Asset Description field, a basic description of "Developer Laptop" is provided.
  • Since these laptops are an IT asset, an IT Manager may be assigned as the default manager for assets created from this profile.
  • In the Notes field,  a basic description of the purpose of the asset, such as "Laptop for production work" , could be provided.

Asset profile form