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Purchase Order Email

Purchase orders in email streamline approval routing and simplify procurement. Organizations can configure Purchase Tracker.Net to leverage their email system to automatically generate and send purchase orders for approval via email, streamlining and securing the procurement process. Purchase Tracker.Net integrates with leading email systems, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Gmail.

Once a purchase order is submitted in Purchase Tracker.Net, it is automatically routed for approval. Typically, managers can review purchase orders awaiting their approval using intuitive "In" and "Out" boxes within the Purchase Tracker.Net interface, but it can also be configured to send the submitted purchase order to the designated approver via email, for swift review and approval.

The email includes an embedded version of the purchase order, with a link back to the actual form. The recipient of the email purchase order can approve the PO by clicking a link at the top of the email.

An emailed purchase order.