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Online Employee Database

An online employee database, Personnel Tracker.Net provides a comprehensive, searchable Web based employee directory, with comprehensive personnel files containing contact information, employment information, skills and training, even pictures. These files also include salary information, access to which may be restricted by role. These personnel files also include an attachments area.

As well as providing comprehnsive online employee files, Personnel Tracker.Net also simplifies and automates HR processes, including vacation requests and leave accrual management. It provides company calendars that highlight vacation and leave requests with color coding by status. Personnel Tracker.Net helps deliver HR business intelligence, including Headcounts and EEOC reports.

Online Employee File

Personnel Tracker.Net versus Paper Based HR

There are a number of advantages to consider in moving away from paper based employee files and HR processes, towards an online environment. The primary benefits are lowered costs, via less demand for printing materials and tools, as well as reduced storage and labor costs related to managing the physical files.

The extended benefits include:

  • File Security: By moving files online, they are safe from physical misfiling, loss or destruction. However, offsite backups are necessary to fully guarantee safety. The files are also secured with role based access privilieges, ensuring that only appropriate personnel have access to the document. In addition, critical information, such as salary, can be restricted to individuals with password access.
  • Simpler Workflow: Rather than looking through paper based folders, Personnel Tracker.Net users can leverage search functions to quickly and easily look up employees. In addition, the online files provided by Personnel Tracker.Net centralize information regarding employees, allowing HR staff to find it all in one spot. These personnel files include the employees leave accrual and vacation history, their roles in TrackerSuite.Net, skills and attachments.
  • Configurability: The online forms provided by Personnel Tracker.Net are not static. As new needs or requirements for employee files develop, these online forms can easily be updated. New tabs and fields can be added as required.