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Expense Management Automation

Expense Tracker.Net is a Web based expense management automation solution that simplifies reporting and automates the approval routing and activity recording.

After submitting an expense report, the report is automatically routed through the approval process, based on designated approvers and spending limits. The approver receives a copy of the expense report in their email, where it can be approved or disapproved. The approver never has to leave their email. Expense report reviews can also be managed within Expense Tracker.Net as well, as demonstrated in the screenshot.

If an expensed item exceeds the maximum amount allowed for the per-diem of its code, the line-item is highlighted as an exception. In this case, the plane ticket in the first row exceeds the maximum a line-item can be charged for travel. These settings are configurable.

If the expense report is disapproved, the reviewer enters the reason for it, and the submitter is notified. An activity log records all document activity, all the way through processing.

An expense management automation solution