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Online Gantt Charts

Online Gantt charts in Project Tracker.Net simplify the tracking and management of projects

These Gantt charts, available in the project definition form under the Tasks tab, are dynamic, with drag-and-drop workloads and start/end dates Users can also use the arrow icons to change the order of tasks, shift indentation to establish sub-tasks, and even link tasks.

For more information about a task in the Gantt chart,, the user can simply click its name to open the task form. However, user doesn't have to open the task to make changes, the Gantt chart also supports in-line editing, Users can update dates, assignments and percent complete right from the Gantt chart view.

The task Gantt chart is the default view of this tab, but other views are available as well, including:

As well as these views, TrackerSuite.Net offers several other tools that simplify the online tracking and management of projects, including dynamic, Web based project dashboards as well as color coded grids for tracking project milestone status.

Online, Web based Gantt Charts