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Tracking Project Milestones

Tracking project milestones with a dashboard simplifies the review of progress.

Using Project Tracker.Net, project managers can utilize a colorful project milestones dashboard for an at-a-glance view of the progress of projects within the portfolio.

The projects within the milestones dashboard can be filtered by an array of values, including program, type, status, priority, manager and more.

Users can email the milestone tracker dashboard simply by clicking a button. They also have the option of exporting the dashboard to Microsoft Excel.

These milestones are configured in the project definition document.

As well as the milestoner tracker dashboard, Project Tracker.Net offers other useful views, including Project Dashboards and Gantt Charts.

Project milestones dashboard

In the milestones dashboard above there are two projects which are experiencing issues. "Bizco R&D" is flagged red, a very serious condition, while the "Beneci Martinez Bridge" project is flagged yellow, for caution. Both projects show issues, which the viewer can read more about by clicking the hyperlinked description.

In each milestone column, for easier tracking, Project colors milestone dates which are close to due with a yellow background color, while milestone dates that have been missed are highlighted in red.