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Automated Purchase Orders

Purchase Tracker.Net, a Web based purchasing system, automates purchase order management by electronically routing submitted POs through the approval process. Purchase Tracker.Net supports unlimited workflow scenarios, by purchase type, department rules, and spending limits and more.

An approval table is shown here, demonstrating the approval routing of this particular purchase request.

Purchase Tracker.Net supports proxy approvers. If the designated approver is \ unavailable to review and approve purchase orders, such as in cases when the approver is on leave, or out of the office and without an internet connection, the proxy approver can sign-off on the purchase order, moving it along without any delays.

As well as securing the purchasing process with automated routing, Purchase Tracker.Net also keeps a secure log of all PO activity from creation to final processing, creating a trail of responsibility.

Purchase Tracker.Net can be configured to email the approver the purchase request, accelerating review and approval by allowing the approver to approve or disapprove the purchase request within their email. Approvers can also manage the purchase requests awaiting their review in Purchase Tracker.Net, using "In" and "Out" boxes.

Automated PO approval routing