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Configurable Project  Portfolio View

Project Tracker.Net offers configurable, views of project portfolios. These views offer users the ability to drag-and-drop columns, edit fields in-line, group items, and sort and filter data.

After configuring the project portfolio view to his or her needs, the user can save the reconfigured dashboard as a private view for later use.

As well as the project portfolio view, TrackerSuite.Net offers an array of other Web based project portfolio dashboards, including:

These dashboards include:

  • Color-coded warnings for project budgets, schedules and resources that are at risk.
  • At a glance views of percent complete, budgeted hours vs. actual hours, slippage and more.
  • Drill-down on projects with a click.
  • Dashboards can be configured as needed. Users can select which columns they wish to see, and can arrange their order to their preference, and even select which fields are searchable and/or filterable.
  • Dashboards can be emailed to teams with a click, as on-the-fly project newsletters.

These PPM dashboards provide executives an at-a-glance overview of the health, status, and costs of their organization's various projects.

As well as dashboards, TrackerSuite.Net offers other useful views, including:

A project dashboard

Next Generation Project Dashboard with Drag and Drop Columns, Inline Editing, Filtering and Grouping