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Project Status Reporting Software

Project Tracker.Net, an online project management system, offers an array of tools and functions that simplify, streamline and automate project management processes, including status reporting.

The status reporting system within Project Tracker.Net simplifies report creation for users, automates distribution, and helps users to generate status reports that contain rich, timely and actionable intelligence that can be utilized with meaningful effect.

Project Tracker.Net streamlines status reporting with features including:

Email Integration: Automated email reminders for project status reports, with links that put the recipient one click away from his or her responsibility.

Comprehensive Reports: These status report forms include fields for reporting projec, task status, budget information, milestones, issues, risks and more.

Simple Status Report Creation: If the status of the project is relatively unchanged from the previous period, the users can opt to populate the report form from the last submitted report.

Automated Distribution: When a status report is submitted, an automatic notification is sent to all interested parties, with an overview of the status report as well as a link to the complete report.

PowerPoint Export: These status reports can also be exported as PowerPoint presentations, providing project managers a simple means to prepare information for meetings. Other methods of export include Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF, which can facilitate the documentation of the project's lifecycle, if that is necessary.


Project status report.

Project Status Report

The Status Report Form

The status report form includes several different areas:

Overview: An area for a basic summary of the current project status.

Detailed Status: A rich text field area that supports different fonts, colors, list formats and more. In this area, the user can expand on their description of the project's current status.

Issues and Risks: In these tabs, the user can update the status of the current issues the project is experiencing, and the potential risks it faces

Health: In this tab, the user can check off designated health metrics for the project, such as scope, staffing, budgeting and scheduling.

Budget: Users can check the current budget status of the project in this tab.

Tickets: All the tickets that have been created for the project.

Milestones: All the project's milestones and their status.

Open and Closed Tasks: In these tabs, the user can quickly review the work remaining on the project and that which has been completed.

Attachments: In this area the user can store attachments for the status report.

Log: This area provides a record of all the activity for the status report: creation date, edits and submission, tied with time/date stamped electronic signatures.