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Resource Availability Analysis

Using views in Project Tracker.Net, organizations can simplify resource management and increase the effectiveness of their allocations.

Through Project Tracker.Net, organizations can improve their resource allocation efforts, improving their project team creation and management processes, and ensuring that resources are neither squandered or over-burdened with workloads that might compromise the quality of their efforts.

Project Tracker.Net, a Web based project management system, includes a resource availability view that greatly simplifies the review of resource assignments and their workloads. Using this view, project managers can quickly identify unused or overloaded resources, and allocate them more effectively.

Resources can be viewed on a monthly or weekly basis. They can also be filtered in a variety of ways, including by department or unit, position, manager, skills, and even the status of projects to which they have been assigned.

In addition, managers can also drill down on resources by clicking on the employee name, for more specific information about the tasks to which the resource has been assigned, and the hours alloted to them.

TrackerSuite.Net offers other views, as well as reports, that can faciliate resource management, ranging from online employoyee directories to Employee Capacity and Headcount reports in the Tracker Data Warehouse.

Reviewing resource availability by month.

Resource Availability by Month

Reviewing resource availability by week,

Resource Availability by Week