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Web Based Task Management

Project Tracker.Net provides a comprehensive Web based task management system. Managers can quickly and easily create new tasks using Web forms with picklists. Managers can also utilize views of resource availability for better assignment efficiency.

Tasks can be thorougly defined, including key dates, work descriptions, priority, constraint type and even account code. Once the task is defined, the manager assigns resources. Automatic notifications can be sent to the assignee, as well as project sponsors and other managers. Because Project Tracker.Net integrates with most email clients, these notifications can be delivered to users via email as well as within Project Tracker.Net.

Project Tracker.Net utilizes a Work Breakdown Structure for tasks, allowing them to be linked and indented. Users can view a task's sub-tasks in the Sub Task tab in the Task Definition.

Users can update their work on tasks, and charge time against them using status notes.

Project Tracker also simplifies task management with Web based task dashboards and calendars, which can be configured in a weekly or monthly format. Tasks can also be viewed in list format as well.

Simplifying task assignment