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Timesheet Compliance

Time Tracker.Net helps enforce time reporting compliance with views like this, a color-coded timesheet compliance report which shows the status of all timesheets in the system:

  • Saved: Timesheets which are still in the employee's Inbox, which have not been submitted for approval.
  • Awaiting Approval: Timesheets which are awaiting approval by the employee's supervisor.
  • Disapproved: Timesheets which have been disapproved are returned to the employee's Inbox for correction.
  • Approved: Approved timesheets are sent to accounting for review and processing.
  • Processed: Timesheets which have been reviewed and approved by Accounting. However, administrators have the option of editing processed timesheets, which are recorded in the timesheet's activity log.
  • Multiple: In some situations, an employee may have more than one timesheet within a given period.

Time Tracker.Net offers several views of timesheet compliance, by Supervisor, by Manager, and a global All Timesheets view (shown here) which is typically utilized by Administrators to review the time reporting compliance efforts within the entire organization.

This view can also be surfaced in email clients, including Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

As well as monitoring timesheet compliance, Time Tracker.Net also helps enforce organizational guidelines for time reporting with configurable timesheet rules as well as templates and validation profiles.

The Tracker Data Warehouse, a Web based reporting engine, produces reports on Timesheets, Time Pie Graphs and Activity Ledgers.