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Estimated Time to Complete

Estimated Time to Complete fields in Web timesheets provide a forecast of task completion.

Time Tracker.Net offers Web timesheets with fields for Estimated Time to Complete (ETC), which improve reporting by providing a forecast of hours remaining on tasks, as well as encouraging employees to think about the week ahead in scheduling their priorities and planning their work.

By providing the Estimated Time to Complete field, administrators and managers have a much more accurate view of the progress of tasks, rather than relying on reviewing actual time spent on the task against the time scheduled for it, and whether it will be completed in time or delivered overdue. Using the Estimated Time to Complete fields in the Web timesheets, a moving prediction of the completion of tasks becomes available, providing managers and administrators a more accurate measurement of the actual work required for the task and its closure date.

Time Tracker.Net timesheet profiles are configurable, allowing administrators to add custom fields, such as a Work Planned field to encourage employees to plan their work ahead of time for greater efficiency.

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Estimated Time To Complete and Planned Work Fields

Time Tracker.Net provides a number of configuration options for its Web timesheets. In addition to the Estimated Time to Complete and Work Planned fields, Time Tracker.Net also offers fields for activities, or marking the tasks complete from the Web timesheet. Organizations can also configure new columns for their particular needs, as well as rename existing columns.

As well as configuration options for the timesheet format, organizations can also set validation requirements as well, including making the reporting of Estimated Time to Complete field mandatory.