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Managing Timesheets

Time Tracker.Net offers users an intuitive "In" and "Out" box user interface that simplifies Web timesheet management.

All users have an Inbox and Outbox for managing their own timesheets. The Inbox holds timesheets which have not yet been submitted, as well as submitted timesheetes which have been disappproved and sent back to the user for correction. The Outbox shows all the timesheets the user has submitted for approval, along with their current status (Awaiting Approval, Approved, Disapproved, or Processed).

Users with Manager or Accounting roles have additional boxes for managing timesheets submitted to them for review, approval and processing. These are typically labelled as "Manager Inbox / Outbox" or "Accounting Inbox / Outbox". In this case, the Inbox holds those timesheets they have not yet changed the status of, and the Outbox holds those that have been reviewed, approved or disapproved, or processed.

As well as an intuitive interface, Time Tracker.Net provides other tools for simplifying timesheet management, including administration dashboards for reviewing all employee timesheets.

The "In" box holds current Web timesheets as well as drafts. The "Out" box, shown here, shows all submitted timesheets and their status in the approval cycle.

In/Out boxes simplify Web timesheet management