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SharePoint Help Desk Alternative

SharePoint help desk alternatives, such as TrackerSuite.Net, offer organizations a more easily deployed, robust, Web based support system with support for change management.

Microsoft SharePoint offers organizations a powerful, Web based system for establishing a support ticket system. However, the use of SharePoint has costs that must be considered, particularly against alternatives such as TrackerSuite.Net.

Typical SharePoint Scenarios

In considering a SharePoint help desk, organizations face two common scenarios, building the help desk themselves, or purchasing a vendor solution and living with its predefined workflow, or purchasing additional customization services in order to meet their needs.

Support Tracker.Net, a Web based help desk provided by TrackerSuite.Net, provides a highly configurable workflow and form customization options, which organizations can leverage in mapping Support Tracker.Net to their existing workflow, all without touching a line of code.

Robust Help Desk Features

Support Tracker.Net offers a full range of help desk functions that organizations can leverage to improve the responsiveness and performance of their help desk services.

  • Configurable Web based ticket forms.
  • Users can also submit requests via email to designated addresses, which will be automatically converted into tickets and routed.
  • Support Tracker.Net streamlines ticket handling with automated SLA based routing, ticket aging and escalation functions.
  • Managers can leverage Open/Closed/Escalated ticket reports, widgets, and ticket dashboards to track help desk workloads and performance.
  • Support Tracker.Net provides features that IT staff can leverage as well, including the ability to charge time to a ticket when updating its status.

In addition to these help desk features, Support Tracker.Net also supports change request management processes, enabling organizations to configure and manage business processes. These processes may vary from a simple document review to a full scale change management procedure involving multiple steps.

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Easy to Use, Configurable Support Ticket Forms

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