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Simplified Time Tracking and Reporting

Time Tracker.Net is a comprehensive time reporting solution that provides easy to use time sheets, streamlines and automates management, and generates views and reports that simplify administration, project cost tracking and more.

    Time Tracker.Net Benefits:
  • Simplify: Easy to use time sheet forms users can surface in their email.
  • Automate: Automated approval routing and "Auto Nag" email reminders for late time sheets.
  • Track: Color coded Timesheet Compliance reports, dashboards, Time Pie graphs and more.
  • Configure: Supports multiple timesheet formats (including Weekly, Bi-Monthly and Monthly) and validation rules. Timesheet columns, labels and messaging are configurable.

Watch a Time Tracker.Net Flash Demonstration

Time Tracker.Net offers a robust solution for organizations seeking an online time tracking solution for their users.

While it is comprehensive, offering multiple formats for timesheets, configurable forms (administrators can add or remove columns, change field labels and more), validation rules for individual users (including minimum/maximum hours reported and work descriptions), Time Tracker.Net report makes the time reporting and approval process extremely simple.

Users can populate their timesheet with the click of a button. By clicking the "Last Submitted" button, users can add the tasks they charged time against in their previously submitted timesheets. By pressing a "Load from Resource Plan" button, they can populate their timesheet with their currently assigned tasks.

Time Tracker.Net simplifies the time tracking and management process for managers as well. Automated approval routing delivers submitted timesheets directly to designated approvers (or their proxies) via email, which they can review and approve simply by clicking a link. Managers can also leverage feature, such as a Timesheet Compliance view, that simplifies tracking the efforts and completed work of their employees.

Time Tracker.Net can be surfaced within the user's email client, presenting the user with a single portal for both communication and workflow.

The integration of Time Tracker.Net with other TrackerSuite.Net modules for project management and support services also improves the tracking of project and support service job costing and billing. It also simplifies time reporting for the users themselves, who can select the tasks or support tickets they have been assigned via picklist. This integration works both ways, when updating the status of a project task or support ticket, the user can also charge time in the status note, which is automatically added to their timesheet. If no timesheet exists, a new one will be created.