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A Time and Effort Reporting Solution

Time and effort reporting by employees of educational institutions is required for charging against federal grants. Failure to provide sufficient documentation has serious consequences, as costs that do not have adequate documentation are deemed “unallowable” and subject to repayment. In 2008 the US Office of the Inspector General posted an audit report for the Harvey School District of Illinois, listing $277,207 in questionable costs due to a lack of documentation.

A time and effort reporting semi-monthly timesheet

A semi-monthly timesheet showing an employee charging against multiple cost objectives, as well as indirect items such as vacation time. TrackerSuite.Net timesheets are also available in monthly or weekly formats

How TrackerSuite.Net Facilitates Time and Effort Reporting

TrackerSuite.Net provides an end to end solution that simplifies time and effort reporting by employees, empowers supervisors with functions and views for managing employee timesheets, and provides an online archive and reporting tools for compliance with federal reporting guidelines and support in case of audit.

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Simplifying Reporting

  • Web timesheets that simplify the reporting of both single and multiple cost objectives with drop-down fields and auto-fill options.
  • Validation rules ensure that timesheets can only be submitted when they comply with organizational policies such as minimum/maximum hours and work descriptions.

Automating and Streamlining Management

  • Submitted timesheets are automatically delivered via email to designated supervisors for approval.
  • "Auto Nag" email reminders ensure employees report their time and efforts regularly.
  • Supervisors can track employee time and effort reporting with color-coded timesheet compliance views that show hours worked.

Time and Activity Reporting, and Audit Support

  • TrackerSuite.Net provides an array of reports including Activity Ledger and Time Pie reports organizations can utilize in providing proof of time and effort charged against federal grants.
  • TrackerSuite.Net provides a central, searchable online location for timesheet records.
  • All timesheets include an activity log with time/date stamped electronic signatures that establish a history and trail of responsibility for all timesheet records in case of audit.

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An activity ledger for time and effort reporting

The reporting engine provided by TrackerSuite.Net produces an array of reports, including Activity Ledgers.

A timesheet compliance report for reviewing employee efforts

Supervisors can easily stay on top of their employees time and efforts with color coded timesheet compliance reports.