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Logging time for work on project tasks and support tickets is simple in TrackerSuite.Net, through its integrated business process software modules.

TrackerSuite.Net is an integrated suite of 100% Web based business process software modules, with applications including:

The integration of these modules provides organizations with a highly efficient time logging software solution, allowing users to charge time against project tasks and support tickets at any time, from any location, via their browser or even within their email client.

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Users have two options for reporting their time:

They can utilize a Web timesheet, which can be opened within a browser or an email client. Within the timesheet, users can charge time against projects, tasks and support tickets with easy to use picklists.

Users can also log time against tasks and support tickets when they are entering status notes for them. If the user does not have a timesheet for the period of the status note, a new timesheet will be created with the logged time.

Automating Timesheet Management

Time Tracker.Net offers much more than simplified time logging. When the user's timesheet is submitted, it is automatically routed through the approval process. Time Tracker.Net leverages email to streamline this workflow, emailing approvers copies of the timesheet which they can review and approve without leaving their email.

Managers can also take advantage of tools for reviewing their employees time logging practices, including Timesheet Compliance views that show the status of timesheets in the system by color code, and put managers a click away from tools including an "Auto Nag" reminder, an email that can be automatically generated and sent to employees to remind them to fill out and submit their timesheets, with links included that put them a click away from their responsibility. These functions help with various compliance initiatives, including DCAA Timesheet Compliance.

Time and Billing, Expense Reporting and More

Time Tracker.Net also simplifies time and billing through its integration with project management and support services modules, as well as expense reporting (Expense Tracker.Net) and invoicing (Invoice Tracker.Net). Through this integration, users can:

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Easy to User Web timesheets.

Web Timesheets Simplify Logging

Timesheet In/Out Format

Multiple Formats, Including Time In / Time Out

Timesheet Compliance Report

Color Coded Timesheet Compliance Reports

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As well as time logging, the various integrated modules of TrackerSuite.Net provide organizations with an array of possible solutions for their business needs. The following list includes typical business needs, methodologies and requirements. Click a link to learn how TrackerSuite.Net can facilitate these items.