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Travel Expense Reporting Software

A travel expense reporting solution is possible through TrackerSuite.Net, with its Web based expense reporting software.

In the typical paper-based process, an employee submits an expense report in the office, where it winds its way through the inter-office mail chain until it arrives at the desk of its designated approver. For organizations with mobile workforces that must wait until they return to their home office to report incurred travel expenses, this process can suffer from significant delays.

But what if your employees could submit expense reports wherever they were, whenever they needed to, over the Web or through their own email client? What if those expense reports were automatically routed directly through the approval process, without delay?

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For organizations looking for a comprehensive travel and expense reporting solution, Expense Tracker.Net offers the following advantages:

  • Simple expense reports forms that users can submit over the Web or in email.
  • Pick-lists simplify expense report creation, allowing users to select projects to charge against as well as typical travel expense codes (Airfare, Lodging, Meals, etc.).
  • Expense reports include multiple currency and rate conversion support.
  • Automated approval routing moves the expense report through the approval process. Proxy approvers can also be configured.
  • An activity log records every step of the expense report's lifecycle, with dates and electronic signatures that establish a trail of responsibility.
  • In/Out Boxes allow users to easily track their expense reports as they move through the approval process.
  • TrackerSuite.Net is capable of integrating with popular accounting systems, including Great Plains (with services) and QuickBooks, to provide a seamless experience for accounting departments.
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