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Project Management Software

Web based project management software simplifies workflow and facilitates the success of initiatives.

TrackerSuite.Net simplifies workflow management for projects by providing modular, integrated Web based software for project management and job costing, timesheets, expense reporting, Purchase Tracker.Net and the Tracker Data Warehouse.

Simplify and Automate Your Processes

These applications simplify the work of a PMO and its project managers, and facilitates workflow routines including defining objectives, task management, document management, billing, invoicing, scheduling, performance measurement and tracking. In addition, TrackerSuite.Net offer project dashboards that simplify management and tracking. The integration of these modules also offers unique workflow opportunities, for example, project team members can charge time against their work when they update that status notes for their assigned tasks, simplifying time reporting and management.

For customers seeking a hosted system, TrackerSuite.Net offers flexible plans. Customers also have the option of hosting it with their own infrastructure.

Email Integration

The ability of TrackerSuite.Net to integrate with email also streamlines the workflow of projects and simplifies management. For example, TrackerSuite.Net generates automated reminders for status reports and late timesheets, to ensure timely reporting. It can also be used to send automated notifications of task assignments and schedule changes. Managers can even export information in TrackerSuite.Net views as emails, to send them as on-the-fly newsletters to their teams about portfolio status and work progress.

Users can even surface it within their preferred email client, including Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. By establishing a common portal for work, allowing them to both communicate and access the tools and data they need within a single interface, greatly simplifying their experience and improving their productivity.

Streamlining Business

TrackerSuite.Net applications streamline the workflow and simplify the management of much more than just projects.

For example, Support Tracker.Net, a Web based support services solution, provides tools that simplify help desk management and streamline the workflow of support tickets, from ticket creation, assignment routing, status tracking and closure. Support Tracker.Net integrates with Time Tracker.Net, allowing support staff to report time spent on assigned tickets. IT staff can also leverage useful workflow features, such as allowing support staff to charge time against a support ticket when they are updating its status.

Or, for organizations seeking an automated invoicing/ Accounts Payable solution, the integration of TrackerSuite.Net modules for project management, timesheets, expense reporting and invoicing, greatly simplifies and automates the creation of invoices for completed work, and the tracking of their status.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about what TrackerSuite.Net can offer your organization, please contact us today. We also offer a free online demonstration of TrackerSuite.Net, which you can immediately access with registration.