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The purchasing process is largely simplified by one key application in TrackerSuite.Net, Purchase Tracker.Net, which offers an array of features. These features that streamline and automate the purchase requisition process include:

  • Purchase Tracker.Net provides a role based user interface that simplifies the user experience and workflow. Utilized roles typically include General, Manager and Accounting.
  • Users can submit purchase requests from any location via their browser or even within their preferred email clients. Purchase Tracker.Net supports multiple currencies as well as different "Bill to" / "Ship to" locations.It supports the localization of purchase requests, including dates and numbers.
  • If the purchase request is similar to one previously submitted, the user can copy the previous request into a new one with the click of a button.
  • Purchase Tracker.Net supports the creation of blanket purchase orders.
  • Purchase requests can be managed and tracked using intuitive "In" and "Out" boxes.
  • Attachments, such as scanned estimates or proposals, can be attached to the request.
  • Purchases can be charged by line item against projects, account codes and cost centers. Purchase Tracker.Net also supports charge backs between business units.
  • The purchase request form also includes a GL coding section, where the total amount of the purchase can be divided against multiple account codes. Users can charge GL codes against specific tasks in a project's WBS.
  • Purchase Tracker.Net supports a review process, allowing forms to be sent for review prior to submission.
  • Purchase requests are automatically routed through the approval process upon submission. Purchase Tracker.Net allows for unlimited workflow scenarios for purchase order approval routing- by purchase type, department rules and spending limits. Separate approval cycles may be configured for capital items.
  • Each form includes an activity log that provides a time and date stamped electronic signature for each form action, from creation through final processing.
  • Purchase orders can still be edited and updated after approval by administrators, with a change request function that includes snapshots of each version of the purchase order.
  • It supports the faxing and emailing of POs. POs can also be exported as Microsoft Word documents or PDFs.
  • Managers can utilize a PO reporting function to view the approval and financial status of each request. Managers can also track the status of purchase orders in the system using various dashboard views. Purchase Tracker.Net also provides an "Aging" column in Accounting views that show how long purchase orders have been in the system.
  • Purchase Tracker.Net pushes data to the Tracker Data Warehouse, a Web based reporting engine that generates a variety of reports including:
    • Reports of purchases submitted, ordered, received and paid for by vendor, requester, department, cost center or project.
    • Reports on Requested/ Committed/ Paid Amount.
    • Purchase Lists.

Streamline Purchase Requisitions

The purchase requisition process is streamlined by a Web based purchasing system in TrackerSuite.Net.

Purchase Tracker.Net secures and streamlines purchasing with an electronic system for improved financial reporting in compliance with Sarbanes Oxley as well as facilitating the automation of Accounts Payable.

Using Purchase Tracker.Net, users can submit purchase orders over Web. Submissions are automatically routed to a designated supervisor for approval or disapproval, with electronic signatures to track document activity throughout the requisition process. Through this automated approval routing, it simplifies the work of purchasing managers.

Approved purchase requisitions can be monitored through accounting and on through receiving. Purchase Tracker.Net integrates with the Tracker Data Warehouse, a Web based reporting engine, ensuring that the most current procurement data is used in compiling financial reports.