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Web Based Business Applications

Applications for Web based project management, time, expense, purchasing, support services, HR and reporting.

TrackerSuite.Net is a modular suite of Web based business applications, offering organizations solutions for project management, help desk services, asset management, time and expense reporting, purchasing, personnel management, invoicing, CRM and reporting. TrackerSuite.Net applications are served at rapid speed over the Internet or WAN through Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox. TrackerSuite.Net can also be utilized as an intranet software solution.

The integrated nature of these modules allows organizations to select the applications they need to assemble the solution they want, for a wide range of business initiatives including project management dashboards, project portfolio management, consolidating IT operations, project job costing, SOP 98-1, SOX compliance, tracking R&D Tax Credits or effective time and expense tracking.

Project Tracker.Net

Deliver projects on-time, on-budget with a Web based project management application that offers project portfolios, centralized project files and document management capabilities.

Support Tracker.Net

A Web based help desk that streamlines the support process. Users can submit tickets from any location via the Web. Tickets are smart-routed by category and asset profiles that can map to your particular support matrix. Track tickets by status, and move them vertically or horizontally in the support service chain with functions for escalation and deferment.

Time Tracker.Net

Combining automatic reminders with Web timesheets that allow users to report time from any location, Time Tracker.Net is a Web based time tracking application that simplifies, streamlines and secures your time reporting process.

Expense Tracker.Net

Utilizing this Web based expense reporting application, project teams and sales personnel working remotely can submit expense reports via the Web, with international forms that support multiple currencies. Submitted expense reports are securely routed to designated approvers for review. An activity log records all document activity, edits and approvals, providing a trail of responsibility for all expenses.

Purchase Tracker.Net

Purchase Tracker.Net is a Web based purchasing application that streamlines and secures the purchase to pay cycle. Purchase orders can be submitted from any location through the Web, and are automatically routed through approvals based on employee role and spending levels. An activity log records all document activity, edits and approvals, providing a trail of responsibility for all procured items.

Asset Tracker.Net

A Web based asset management database with functions for employee provisioning and asset collection. Asset Tracker also includes an automated Survey which can be emailed throughout the organization. The Survey collects system specifications of the recipient's computer (including processor, installed RAM and operating system) as well as all installed applications. The recipient also reports the other various assets in their possession and then returns the Survey, which automatically inputs reported items into Asset Tracker.Net.

Payment Tracker.Net

Payment Tracker.Net is a check request software solution that provides organizations and their Accounts Payable departments with a means to procure needed items outside the typical routing of purchase orders through the purchasing department.

Invoice Tracker.Net

Invoice Tracker.Net is a comprehensive, Web based invoice software solution that facilitates the invoicing process by integrating TrackerSuite.Net applications for time and expense, purchasing, project management and CRM with invoice templates, tools and reports

Personnel Tracker.Net

Personnel Tracker.Net is a Web based personnel management application that improves communication throughout the organization with a Web-accessible, searchable employee directory. It provides HR with a secure employee database with comprehensive files including contact information, skills and training, position history, benefits, pictures and more. Personnel Tracker.Net also simplifies employee change requests and asset provisioning and tracking.

Tracker Data Warehouse

A Web based reporting application that pulls data from the various TrackerSuite.Net modules as well as legacy HR and Accounting databases. The Tracker Data Warehouse generates reports based on current information, reports which can be manipulated as the user needs with filters, pivot tables and drag-and-drop fields.

Customer Tracker.Net

Customer Tracker.Net is a Web based CRM software solution that facilitates customer services for your business. It serves as a customer information store for the other TrackerSuite.Net modules, eliminating the need to manually enter customer information already available.

Web based project management.


Web timesheets simplify reporting.


Web accessible employee catalogs.