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Mark Manager, Project manager

Man, I hate pizza. I don't care what kind, cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian... I learned to hate them all.

You see, as a project manager at Bizco, I'm responsible for every facet of a project, from customer relations to team management. And that used to mean long days, late nights... and pizza.

Then we launched TrackerSuite.Net. Carlos Computer and his IT staff simply installed it on Bizco's server, configured it, and then sent a "Welcome" email to everyone, with a link to the TrackerSuite.Net homepage. That was it! I logged in through the Web, using software configured for my project manager responsibilities. I started off importing some of my Microsoft Project files into TrackerSuite.Net.

TrackerSuite.Net saves me (and Bizco's Project Management Office) a lot of time and effort. It automates most of my routine duties as a project manager and has vastly simplified our project job costing process, allowing me to focus on leading projects, not managing processes. I may even start enjoying pizza again.

The modules that have helped me most are:

Project Tracker.Net - As a project manager, I need to manage schedules, people and resources for multiple projects. With Project Tracker.Net, I get an easy to use project management solution that allows me to define the project and review resource availability. I assign tasks, create status reports and manage project documents. Because Project Tracker.Net integrates with my Microsoft Outlook, I can drag emails directly into the Project Tracker.Net documents folder.

The feature that my team and I enjoy most are the project homepages, which gives all of us a central location to collaborate on projects especially our engineering projects. Project Tracker.Net also lends itself well to Agile project management methodologies.

Personnel Tracker.Net - Personnel Tracker.Net gives me a Web accessible employee directory, which allows me to easily get in touch with anyone I need to, even if I'm working out of the office. Personnel Tracker.Net also provides a comprehensive employee catalog, including their skills and training, which helps me to quickly and easily build effective project teams. The integration of Personnel Tracker.Net and our easy to use project management system, Project Tracker.Net, also allows us to utilize a Resource Breakdown Structure for planning, estimating and managing project work.

Customer Tracker.Net - When I need to look up customer information, such as contacts, history or support contracts, I just open up Customer Tracker.Net.

Time Tracker.Net - I need to know how my project team members are managing their time. With these Web timesheets, I can see how much time they're charging to project tasks, as well as Estimated Time to Complete.

Purchase Tracker.Net - It's great having a simple way of managing the purchase requests that come across my desk as a project manager. With Purchase Tracker, I can quickly review any purchase order for the projects in our easy to use project management database, and approve or disapprove them with a click. There's a world of difference between this and the old paper routing systems we used to have.

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