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Role Based Software

Role based software presents a unique experience for all users and improves productivity.

Welcome to Bizco, a fictitious company created by Automation Centre to illustrate how user needs across the organization can be answered by TrackerSuite.Net.

Every user has different needs. While an executive like Victor Vice President might want a comprehensive solution for managing capital projects or capturing R&D tax credits, a project manager like Mark Manager would be interested in a solution for managing projects and tracking time. An accounting executive like Boris Beancounter would be primarily interested in a solution to facilitate SOX compliance or automate Accounts Payable, whereas Pablo Purchasing, a purchasing manager, would be more interested in a application to facilitate purchase requests and receiving. Meanwhile. Carlos Computer, an erstwhile IT administrator, would be keen on a solution that simplied IT operations management, or faciilitated their ITIL adoption initiative.

The Bizco characters are a part of our own work process as well. We write and test TrackerSuite.Net with these characters and their roles in mind. These characters also play a role in our online demonstration, as users take on the role of each of the Bizco characters while they explore the TrackerSuite.Net work environment.

The Bizco cast includes:


Role based software for different employees