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Presenting TrackerSuite.Net 3.0, Leveraging Cloud Computing To Provide "Virtual Office" Project Collaboration

Industry's Leading Web-Based Project Management Suite Now Offers Widgets, Pivot Tables And More, Enabling User-Configurable, Personalized Interfaces Available from Anywhere

TUCSON, AZ - (7/15/2009) - Automation Centre, a leading provider of advanced team collaboration software, today announced the release of TrackerSuite.Net 3.0, a major new update of its Web-based project management and virtual office platform. Offering powerful new modules as well as personal customization features, BI (Business Intelligence) pivot table capability and more, TrackerSuite.Net 3.0's cloud computing capability saves money while providing the ideal productivity tool for today's team-based, go-anywhere workforce.

TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 is the most significant upgrade since the application's debut as a Web services platform in 2007. The suite allows project managers, IT administrators, purchasing managers, HR personnel, financial executives and others to collaborate from a unified enterprise database that is integrated with other core systems in real time. TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 further extends the suite's capabilities by allowing users to not only exchange and analyze information from anywhere, but also configure their interface to suit their unique responsibilities and preferences.

  • New Modules - Invoice Tracker is now a separate module of its own, completing the time/billing capabilities of the suite. Now users can forecast, review, and bill professional services revenue from anywhere. A brand new Synchronization module allows users to make adds/removes and name changes only once in Active Directory; the results are seen automatically throughout the system, greatly reducing administrative time. Additional new modules automate materials management, vendor payment authorization, and asset deployment and collection.
  • Widgets - The debut of small, configurable applications that can be embedded in the user's home screen lets users "mash up" functionality between TrackerSuite.Net applications, as well as other enterprise applications, to exactly meet their work requirements. Help desk personnel can automatically display open tickets, accounting personnel can create a timesheet dashboard, and project managers can create tickets and track projects within other projects.
  • Pivot Tables / Data Analytics - Users can now "pivot" and drill down into the TrackerSuite.Net database to view the BI information most relevant to them. Financial people can analyze cost data in multiple currencies, for example, while account management personnel can review site prep statistics.
  • Improved Task and Work Management - Now managers can create sub-tasks with auto-populated default dates from the main task, and see sub-tasks within the parent task document. Managers can also easily see scheduled or rescheduled work, arranged by resource or group.
  • Improved Email Integration - Emails can now be filed directly into virtual online project folders (customer, help ticket, etc.) or other Tracker Suite systems. Emails can be turned into tasks and tickets; reminders can also be sent via email for approvals, time sheets and project status updates.
  • Workflow Improvements - New workflow options provide support for automated workflow reminders, proxy approval and escalation. The options allow projects, expense reports, time sheets, purchase requisitions, and vacation requests to be swiftly and effectively managed.

Other improvements in TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 include tighter Web services integration with even fewer potential points of failure; tighter system security; and increased cross-browser support, and numerous upgrades to individual suite components. The application's improved Web architecture removes generic calls from all of its modules, resulting in better overall performance and scalability.

"Companies continue to stress cost reduction, increased productivity and greater flexibility in everything they do. TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 delivers on all these counts through its powerful cloud computing orientation that supports both customization and anywhere, anytime access," said Steven Birchfield, chief executive officer of Automation Centre. "Its ability to reflect the job requirements and preferences of individual users, combined with its virtual office advantages, makes it an important and immediate contribution to any cloud computing strategy."

The full suite of TrackerSuite.Net applications are now available. To learn more about TrackerSuite.Net 3.0, or to request an online demo, visit www.TrackerSuite.Net.

About Automation Centre:

Automation Centre is a leading provider of advanced team collaboration software solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes. Automation Centre's primary products include TrackerSuite(TM) and TrackerOffice(TM), providing exceptional simplicity and ease-of-use through their integration with Lotus Notes/Domino and Microsoft Outlook/Exchange; and TrackerSuite.Net, leveraging the power of cloud computing to deliver access and collaboration via a virtual office interface. The company is a Premier Business Partner with Lotus, an IBM Business Partner, and has been named to the Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Certified Partner programs. For more information about Automation Centre visit,, or www.TrackerSuite.Net.

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New project desktop.

New Project Desktop

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