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TrackerSuite.Net 4.1 Released!

The latest release of TrackerSuite.Net offers organizations the ability to maximize their productivity and efficiencies with new mobile interfaces, data visualizations and effortless generation and distribution of business intelligence via email.

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Automation Centre is extremely pleased to announce the latest version of its Cloud based enterprise productivity solution, TrackerSuite.Net 4.1. TrackerSuite.Net 4.1 offers a host of new features and improvements that will help organizations simplify, streamline, and automate core operational processes including Project Portfolio and IT Management, Time and Billing, Resource Management, Purchasing, Invoicing and CRM.

General Enhancements

  • Schedule reports with email.
  • Mobile support.
  • Next Generation forms engine.
  • IE10, Chrome, Firefox and limited Safari support.
  • New graphs and data visualizations.

Enhanced Project Management & Time Reporting

  • Export data from single or multiple projects to Word templates.
  • Interface improvements make it easier to navigate to reports.
  • New feature for charging time against Billing Milestones.
  • Timesheets can now be printed to PDFs.
  • More support for custom events for timesheets..
  • Biweekly time sheet period calculation, reminders, and compliance reports.

New Reports & Data Visualization Tools.

  • Improved reports for Budget vs. Actual and Resource Availability Graph.
  • New reports: Burn Up Charts for projects and programs, Word Template Export, Project Cost Reports by Account Code, Financial Planning Report.

Improved IT Management and Help Desk Services

  • New functions for SLA compliance. Ticket rules now include Queue component. Automated notifications can be profiled if a ticket is deferred.
  • New Views and Reports added for the “Change Management” Process Documents.
  • Navigation and interface enhancements make it easier to zero in on ticket ownership, even in large data sets.
  • Support Ticket form enhancements, including a new All Documents tab which now lists Activities, Documents, Status Notes and Emails for the ticket. Integration with Asset Tracker.Net allows tickets tied to assets to have hyperlinks to that ticket.

Purchasing & Payment Requests

  • Easier selection of account codes on Purchase Request forms, as well as disallowed Income Account codes.
  • Workflow enhancements: support for multiple form names and the option to use Purchase Request workflow, or workflow from user’s profile, for vendor invoicing.
  • Custom function calls can be configured on Purchase Request approval, disapproval, Purchase Order assignment and cancellation.
  • Payment Requests can be sent for review prior to submission for approval.
  • New support for archiving/ un-archiving Payment Requests.

CRM Enhancements

  • Easier customer management with new functions for tracking status changes and quote expirations.
  • New mobile support for information requests from prospects.
  • Enhancements for managing contacts, including setting source and quality, and profiling opportunities.
  • Improved contract management with more configurable forms, including a new grid section for product/service descriptions and values.

Expense Reporting

  • New forms for mobile Expense Reports, and Expense Authorizations.
  • Expense Report forms now support multiple workflows, and can be submitted for review prior to being submitted for approval.
  • New options in workflow for finance review and handling Expense Report exceptions.
  • Expense Reports can now be printed to PDF.

Resource Management

  • Employee profiles now include workflow and validation options for purchasing, travel and expense reporting.
  • New, configurable Travel Authorization forms.
  • New option for birthday reminders.
Resource availability grid

Redesigned views simplify navigation, and make it easier to drill down and discover information.

Simple Business Intelligence collection and sharing. Configure report templates using Microsoft Word documents, and have them automatically distributed.

New data visualizations and widgets, including Program Burn Up charts for Agile management.